Abandoned Georgian mansion goes viral after Google Maps users notice disturbing detail

Abandoned Georgian mansion goes viral after Google Maps users notice disturbing detail

We’ve all wiled away the time snooping around interesting places on Google Earth – but when users stumbled across this abandoned pile, things got a bit creepy.

Daresbury Hall is a derelict mansion in the same Cheshire village where Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll grew up, and has been sitting uninhabited for decades.

But take a look on Google Maps and use the street view feature and you may notice some extremely chilling details.

While private properties are not normally accessible through the feature, some photographers can share images from locations to allow you to get a closer look at off-road landmarks and important buildings.

And when internet users noticed there were several points at Daresbury Hall that you could view, the horrifying images conjured made them soon wish they hadn’t.

The pictures show several men lurking about the site covered in blood, while sinister messages are daubed across the derelict property’s interior walls.

Graffiti warning intruders to “leave now” and heralding “no hope left” can be seen in some of the street view images.

Meanwhile, blood spatters can be seen on the walls and dusty furniture and one man shrouded in a black hoodie can be seen slumped in the corner of several rooms and empty corridors.

One creepy dark room shows a figure wearing a horrifying mask in the corner.

Venture outside, and ‘zombies’ can be seen watching from behind bushes and from the mansion’s smashed windows – and even lurking in the estate’s long-drained pool.

A simple explanation for the disturbing images is that the site was once used as a ‘zombie experience’, where thrill seekers could go to simulate an apocalypse.

The images have now gone viral on TikTok after one user posted them, pointing out one-shot where a man can be seen standing ominously in a window.

The video, which was been viewed more than 2.6m times, questions “what the f*** is this place?” while comments liken it to the horror film Silent Hill.

Events company Zed Events used Daresbury Hall as a site for zombie games before a huge fire tore through the building in 2015, causing severe damage.

The Grade-II listed building dates from the 1750s, when it was built for local town clerk George Heron, and became a military hospital during WWII.

It was later bought by an unnamed millionaire who died before it could be fully restored. In 2015, Cheshire Police recovered a staggering £750k worth of cannabis plants that were being grown in the property.

The following year, Daresbury Hall was destroyed by a fire and has since been listed in Historic England’s ‘Heritage at Risk’ register highlighting it as being in desperate need of repair.